Spring Collection is Here

March 19, 2013

The wait is finally over.  We've added 22 new styles to get you ready for Spring and beyond!  From the bright, abstract "Birdwheel," to the vintage, mashed-up "Gazelle," this collection has something for everyone.  You can see just a few of the new designs below, then check out the whole collection for yourself at  Happy shopping!

"You Are Here" makes a great gift to show a loved one where they stand.

"Bad Day" was inspired by a hilarious video of a dog in a cone who couldn't reach it's toy.

"Feather" offers that perfect I-can-be-trendy-without-being-tacky look.

"Birdwheel" is for the left-brainers.  It's creative, and it doesn't make sense.  So what?

"Collection" uses a super fine halftone for photo-realistic butterflies.

"Extinct" features a dodo bird and a cassette tape.  If only the dodo bird could make a comeback, too!

"Free to Dream" uses water-based ink for a soft, wispy, cloudy feel.

"Skate Boarder" was originally designed with rollerskates, but they looked too much like stilettos.

Almost all of the new designs are available in both men's and women's sizes.  Let's match!

If you think "Manifesto" hurts your brain, try viewing it with 3D glasses!

"Gazelle" features a page from a 1785 issue of Great Britain's Daily Universal Register.

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