Meet the Guys Who Make Your Shirts!

June 20, 2012


Introducing a new segment from the guys at Choke that introduces you to the guys at Choke! As our little shirt company continues to grow, we realize it can be difficult to tell us all apart. "Who did I talk to on the phone?" "Which guy printed my shirt?" "Didn't he operate on my broken leg a few years ago?" (Possibly!) We don't want you to lose sleep over these questions. So we're going to introduce ourselves, one fine gentleman at a time.

Today, the spotlight shines on Matt, co-owner and and VP of sales. We sat down with Matt and asked him the hard questions. After a few dirty martinis and a japadog, we finally got the real answers.

Choke: When did you first decide to start Choke?

Matt: One night I woke up in a cold sweat. I just had a vivid dream where a beautiful and magical sparkling unicorn walked out of the woods and whispered “Choke Shirt Company” and I knew that it was something that we needed to do. Jeff would tell you that we came up with the idea together while shopping at the local markets and deciding that we would love to have our own shirt line… I think we all know which actually happened.

Choke: Where did you work before Choke? How long were you there?

Matt: I have an interior design degree and currently still work in the industry. By day I am an Architectural Product Sales Rep which means I sell cool stuff to the architectural and design industry.

Choke: How does working at Choke compare to working at your other job?

Matt: Being the VP of Sales at Choke is great… its always amazing working for yourself and with your friends. Seeing the little company you started grow makes working on the weekends pretty easy.

Choke: What is your favorite type of shirt? (Blend, cut, style etc)

Matt: I love our Tri Blend tees. SO soft and SOOO comfy. They hug in all the right places.

Choke: What is the best part of working at Choke?

Matt: I think the best part about working at Choke is the atmosphere. 99% of time we get along and its just a fun place where you never know what story you might hear from one of the guys and we can daydream all day about what we want Choke to be some day.

Choke: When not at Choke what else do you like to do?

Matt: I love to travel. Jeff and I try to get away as much as possible and I am not embarrassed to say that one of our favorite vacation locations is Disneyland. Getting a beer is always a good time too.

Choke: Who is the one person/group that you wish would walk into the shop and want to print shirts? Why?

Matt: I hope one day Britney or Madonna are coming through town on a tour and run out of shirts and need us to print them. Of course in my dream Britney or Madonna would actually be the one calling. OHHHH could you imagine it was Britney AND Madonna!

Choke: What’s your favorite Choke Shirt Co. design? Why?

Matt: I think my current favorite Choke Shirt Co. design is one from the upcoming Spring Collection (being released Feb 29th). Hot Rhino is a really cool design. It has a great back story and the ink colors are a great contrast on the shirt colors that were selected.

Choke: If you got to the shop first and got to pick the Pandora station for the day, which one would you choose? Which station can't you stand?

Matt: Mumford & Sons Radio for a bit and then maybe a little Broadway Showstoppers Radio. I can’t stand Reggae Days with Justin.

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