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June 20, 2012

At Choke, we LOVE making shirts. When we look at an elephant, we see a hundred tiny ones in white plastisol on heathered tri-blend. Sunsets look best in water-based ink. And sailboats suspended under a bouquet of balloons? That's cool. But we don't keep the love to ourselves...

The proverbial meat-n-potatoes of Choke is our custom print shop. We spend the vast majority of our day meeting new people and printing their ideas. Turns out, we're not the only ones who like sweet tees! From event coordinators and party planners to entrepreneurs and artists- everyone likes to see their designs printed to life. And maybe it's the ink fumes, but we have a blast screen printing them!

Last week, we decided to spread the word. The idea was to send people a simple message: We Make Sweet Tees. Jeff came up with some cool flyers that stuck to the point.

Next, we enlisted the help of our friend Conrad and set out to post our flyers. He taught us how to wheat paste. It's a simple, bio-degradeable method of sticking paper to surfaces needing a little flare. Wheat paste is made with flour. We failed to find a gluten-free option (bad wheat joke), so we stuck with the basic store brand. We grabbed our big red bucket and paint roller and trekked to Seattle's University District. After mixing the flour with water- or whatever was in that bottle from the trunk, we began sticking.

Turns out the process is even messier than we expected. We found ourselves and our getaway car in need of a bath. But we had a ton of fun slapping our flyers all over the U District. Next up, we'll share our message of making sweet tees with other Seattle neighborhoods, one sticky neon flyer at a time!

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