We're in Vegas, Baby!

June 20, 2012

Well, we made it to Las Vegas.  We packed up our samples and line sheets and headed to the POOL TRADE SHOW at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The show is part of the Magic Apparel Show that happens twice a year. Basically all of the largest names in apparel and accessories show their next line to thousands (and we mean thousands) of buyers. Magic's broken up into 6 or 7 smaller shows each with a loosely based theme. There's Project which is a bit edgier, Source allows you to connect with overseas and domestic manufacturers, Street shows the latest in (you guessed it) street wear and POOL. POOL is for independent artists who are trying to make it in this overly confusing world of apparel. It is awesome to be surrounded by so many independent brands and designers who are in the same boat as we are.

It's not even 11am on our first day and we've given out a bunch of business cards, a few line sheets and we've already gotten an order of men's tees that are going to a store opening in Long Beach in May.

Check out our photos and follow along as we venture our way through the week.

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