Spring Preview! Part II

June 19, 2012

Choke’s spring 2012 line will launch February 29th!  This is our biggest launch ever, with over 20 new shirts added to our inventory.  In anticipation of the big event, we decided it’s only fair to give our loyal fans a sneak peak.

There is a story behind each Choke shirt.  From the drawing board to the printing press, each shirt is designed and printed by the Choke crew here in Seattle.  We are inspired everyday to create fun and unique designs for our fans to enjoy.  Enjoy this exclusive preview of the Choke spring line.  And don’t forget to pick out your favorite new Choke shirt on February 29th at!

Today we're previewing "Anchor," by Justin.  For this design, Justin studied various anchors and sketched a few by hand.  The Choke crew unanimously agreed on the one to use.  It seemed simple, rugged, and unique.

Justin writes, "About 6 years ago I sold most of my belongings and bought a boat. Contrary to popular belief, living on a sailboat is not as romantic as one might think, it is however, amazing. It forces you to be self reliant and steadfast. I've been fortunate enough to have some adventures while sailing both alone and with friends.  'Anchor' symbolizes the hardiness of the sailor, the ability to hold your ground in the face of danger, strength."

"Anchor" is printed in light grey on a variety of colors.  It is also available on a women's raglan.

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