Spring Preview! Part V

June 19, 2012

Today we are excited to reveal “Hot Rhino” by Jeff.  He was inspired to create the design after he read a story about endangered black rhinos in South Africa.

"At first I thought the rhino in the pictures looked uncomfortable,” recalls Jeff.  “But after reading this story, I realized hanging the rhinos upside down is the safest way to transport the majestic beast.  The conservation group WWF Global transports endangered species away from areas where they are poached.  After tranquilizing the rhinos, WWF members tried caging them in trucks, but the ride was too rough.  Next they tried suspending the rhinos from helicopters in nets, but this method squeezed and suffocated the animals.  Finally, they discovered that hanging the tranquilized rhinos upside down from a helicopter was the most humane way of carrying them to safety.  This epic story inspired me to create the ‘Hot Rhino’ design.”

“Hot Rhino” is printed in black and red water-based inks on poly-cotton unisex and women’s tees.

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