Meet the Guys Who Make Your Shirts! Part IV

June 19, 2012

Today we’d like to introduce ACE!.  The Choke team wouldn’t be complete without our four-legged members.  ACE! Is a German Sheppard mix and an expert print shop watch dog.  He enjoys showing off his tricks, howling at ambulances, and running in the woods with his human, Justin.  We caught up with ACE! in the middle of his nap at the print shop to find out what makes him tick.

Choke: How/when did you first hear about Choke?

ACE!: Oh, it was about 10 dogs years ago.  My humans kept saying, "work this" and "work that".  I pretty much love any 4-letter word starting with W.

Choke: Where did you work before Choke? How long were you there?

ACE!: Before Choke I worked on the coast as a Tsunami Early Warning siren but they let me go due to too many false alarms. Those fire trucks trick me every time. They had to evacuate the elementary school a few times. 

Choke: How does working at Choke compare to working at your last job?

ACE!: Way better! For one I get to stay inside, but also the humans like to play. They say its good for stress relief. I'm trying to teach them how to fetch. 

Choke: What is your favorite type of shirt? (Blend, cut, style etc)

ACE!: I don't have elbows and have you seen my gams?  I'm too awkward for shirts.
Choke: What is the best part of working at Choke?

ACE!: Rick the UPS man. I can hear his truck a mile away. I show off my tricks and he gives me treats. I have him trained pretty well.  

Choke: When not at Choke what else do you like to do?

ACE!: I'm a Healer so I like to provide first aid to those in need.  I also like to sniff stuff, survey the perimeter, chase squirrels and make dinner. My humans take me running but I can't figure out what they're chasing. 

Choke: Who is the one person/group that you wish would walk into the shop and want to print shirts? Why?

ACE!: Cats.  The only thing better than a cat is a group of cats.  The only thing better than a group of cats is a group of cats in shirts.

Choke: What’s your favorite Choke Shirt Co. design? Why?

ACE!: “Pretty Kitty.” I am saving up my Choke dollars to get my own pretty kitty.

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