Change is Good.

June 19, 2012

There are quite a few words we’d use to describe Choke Shirt Co.  Inert is not one of them.  We believe progress is a good thing.  If you have followed Choke for a while, you might have noticed a change inside your shirts, as we’ve been known to switch up our tags from time to time.

Last week, after closing the print shop, Jeff sat at the computer to check emails and sip on soda.  As hours passed, he started feeling creative.  The source of his altered mind state remains unclear.  It could have been the sugary drink or the dizzying array of words on the monitor.  But one thing is clear, Jeff felt compelled to make something.  This bout of creative energy eventually led to the new version of Choke tags!  Jeff took styling cues from our print shop site. We like the cleaner look of the new text, and the sizes are printed larger for convenience.  Keep a lookout for the new tags as we phase them into the line over the next few months.  What do you think?

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